In addition to a wide variety of birds, there is much to see in the way of  sea life along the ICW.  Fish seem to be jumping everywhere – no wonder the birds are  here – but some very interesting mammals can be seen as well. We’d spotted dolphins  regularly since leaving Stuart, but much to our disappointment not a manatee could be found…….until we reached Titusville. In the marina they were everywhere, and not afraid to get up close and personal. They reminded us a bit of elephants, to which we understand they are related.

Titusville is in the heart of Florida’s  ‘Space Coast’, only about ten miles from the Kennedy Space Centre. The Vehicle Assembly Building  – used to assemble for launch the Saturn moon rockets and then the Space Shuttle – dominates the horizon for miles around. We rented a car and paid a visit for a day. Although the NASA operations here are now much reduced, it remains a fascinating place, with a real sense of ‘history in our time’.

After Titusville our next destination was Daytona Beach, famous for stock car racing and debauchery for young college students. We didn’t see either. What we didn’t realize is that Daytona Beach, where early speed records and racing on the hard packed sand led to its position as an auto racing mecca, still lets cars drive on the beach. For us this brought back memories of one of our first camping trips to Long Beach, Vancouver Island in 1971, when you could still camp and drive on the beach.

We are taking many, many pictures –  here is just a sample of the places described above.


Yes, there is a dolphin in this picture!


Manatee grazing time - about six of them.


Mom and baby.


This is one really, really big building!


Apollo Saturn V rocket, the biggest ever made.


Some boats we see are faster (and way more expensive).


And others we see are work boats.


Speed signs on Daytona Beach.


Cycling on the beach.

Next stop, St Augustine.

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  1. Hi Ria and John, love all the posts and pictures, looks like you are having a great time! I’m glad everything is going well, you are enjoying yourselves and that I can keep in touch and know you are fine. Keep up the great blog!


  2. Hey, those moon rockets look familiar! Loving the pictures of your adventure. Must be a switch being passed by those speedsters, rather than being one. At least the one in the picture slows down occasionally, they did have two kayaks attached.



    PS. While you were enjoying the cruise I finished up the ski season last Saturday. I guess in a month or so the water skis come out. I saw that twitch, John.

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