After four days of final boat projects and errands to provision (both Walmart and West Marine are considerably more profitable because of us) Ria and I finally had time on Sunday to go for an orientation cruise on the St. Lucie River. It was another warm (80+), mostly clear, and very breezy (20+knots) day, but good conditions to test our boat handling skills and the boat’s performance. This was very satisfactory – a comfortable 7 knots at ‘trawler cruise’ and 14 knots at ‘fast cruise’, both of which should provide mileage of 4 miles to the imperial gallon or better (roughly four times better than our previous boat – yippee!).

But enough of that boring technical stuff that’s only of interest to other power boaters and gearheads, lets get to the pictures. Here is a sample from our stay in Stuart (a pleasant and mostly laid back community that has been very helpful and friendly to us) and the surrounding area.

Ria relaxing in the PDQ's salon.


Newly provisioned galley.....


.....and master stateroom.


Chartplotter screenshot of Stuart and area - boat's position is home anchorage.


Leaving home anchorage off the St. Lucie River.


One of the many, many bridges on Florida's ICW.


One of the local birdlife, which is varied and abundant.


Heavy surf's up on outer beaches, but not this bad on ICW.

Next stop, Vero Beach!


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  1. Glad to see that you are on your way. Sure you will love it as we are. One thing I see in your pictures that I will comment on is your TV. I know the boat is stable but if your TV is not securely fastened lay it down as it will fall over when some jerk goes by with a huge wake.

    Have fun. Hope we run into each other.

    1. Thanks for your comments Bill. TV is securely fastened, and already been tested by jerks creating big wakes.

      Hope we catch up with you guys too…..

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