Due to maintenance on the server which hosts our blog, the June 17th version of “New York, New York” was unexpectedly lost a few days after it was posted. To maintain a complete record we are reposting the photos (without the commentary).

A view of the the Fifth Avenue skyline from across the Central Park Reservoir.


The historic Shubert Theatre, where we enjoyed the musical “Memphis”, is in the heart of the Broadway theatre district.


Competition for the Shubert Theatre, just across the street.


Times Square, which is just around the corner, always seemed to be filled with people.


Despite what you might expect, cycling around Manhattan is not that difficult as there are many dedicated bike lanes, including an extensive and scenic route along the Hudson and East rivers.


Views included an Occupy Wall Street protest ship, complete with drummers.


At the top (almost) of the Empire State Building – the spire of the Chrysler Building, another art deco icon form the 1930’s, can been seen in the background.


Rooftop dining in the shadow of the Empire State Building.


This is an interior view of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum – for us, New York’s wide variety of architecture (both new and old) was one of this city’s most interesting features.

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