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What’s In a Name?

So why ‘His Idea’ as the name for our PDQ? Well the story goes like this: after many days of creating and rejecting a bunch of different names – from Santosha to EZ Does It – we narrowed the list to a few we liked (sort of). It was getting close to the deadline to submit three possible names for the Transport Canada vessel registration process and the pressure was on. Then one morning – in the shower no less – Ria was mumbling about how this cruising thing was all my idea…..and it came to her. We both laughed when she told me, and ‘His Idea’ was it. Not as romantic as Santosha perhaps, but a darn sight better than something like ‘John’s Folly’!

A picture of His Idea on the lift in Florida before changing name and hailing port

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  1. Difficult process for sure! I like what you came up with for the name!

    That reminds me of the TV show “What’s in a Name?” on History channel where they show the difficult process people go through when choosing names for things like beer and chocolate bars.

    Bon Voyage!

    P.s. I really like the theme!

  2. John and Ria,

    Great looking blog, keep it up and happy sailing!!

    We will be looking out for updates on a regular basis (no pressure)

    Remember the extra width… 😉 and don’t forget to offer a bottle of good champagne to Neptune (after the name change). Now that raises a thought…

    1. Thanks Lion, and advice taken!

      Happy cruising to you and Kaarina too, and I hope you find that PDQ 41 you’re looking for…….


  3. Hey, John and Ria – so far so good! Your itinerary looks very interesting! Good luck to you both – we’ll be thinking of you, and following along….
    Les and Anne

  4. Hey John and Ria,

    Looks good so far. I am looking forward to vicariously doing The Loop through you guys! Hope all goes according to plan, be it A, B, C, or whatever!



  5. Hi John and Ria

    That is a wonderful strory. I love this name – his idea. It is creative and distinctive, like your new life accompanying with a long voyage. Enjoy the journey! Don`t forget to put your travel stories in the cabin and bring back to us.

    Little John and Fiona

  6. Love the story about the name! Happy Sailing John & Ria and hope you are getting all those last minute things worked out and is this your new laptop John? Watch out for those water bottles…. Have lots of fun!

    1. Thanks Janice (ditto to all who have responded on the site and by email – what encouragement we have received!).

      Yes, it’s the new laptop. Perhaps another misadventure story for a future post……

      John & Ria

  7. Hi John and Ria, Attractive blog. Your boat looks really really comfortable. And you two look pretty relaxed…impressive accomplishment, considering the challenges of getting away from home and setting out on your excellent adventure into unknown waters. We’ll vicariously join you on your journey. Enjoy! Love T & S.

  8. Hi John & Ria,

    Glad to see you two having so much fun in the sun. “His Idea” is a beautiful boat inside and out. You are not missing much here in Vancouver…just the rain. It’s better to hit a sandbar than a manatee. It won’t take long for you to get use to the yacht and the new life
    style. We love the pics and look forward to seeing more. Take good care of yourselves:)

  9. Greetings from the gals on Salt Spring. We’re thinking about your adventure and have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your images. Great tan, John! Nice to see you both so relaxed and happy. Spring is beautiful here except for the tent caterpillar epidemic in Susan’s garden. Pete says “hi”. Susan is looking forward to Vanessa and Nathaniel’s visit this weekend. Eat, drink and be merry, and safe boating!

    Love from all your sisters.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes sisters. We’re currently in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, in a small state park marina. Lovely setting, good facilities, almost have the place to ourselves, and only $30. So good, we’re going to spend another day.

      And thanks, Sue, for hosting Vanessa and Nathaniel. I’m sure they’ll enjoy Salt Spring a lot, even with tent caterpillars.

      Have fun together!


      John & Ria

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